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Last updated: January 26, 2007



NSRL and Voting System Software

NIST's National Software Reference Library collects software from various sources and incorporates file profiles computed from this software into a Reference Data Set of information. This concept can assist in addressing voting systems needs in several areas. Officials could determine that the software used during elections is the expected software. Verification that the software remains the same during distribution, installation, setup, or use is possible, supporting a "chain of custody."

The NSRL has been mentioned in 2004 in conjunction with voting initiatives, most notably in U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chairman Soaries' remarks about Electronic Voting Security Strategy. In July 2004, NIST scientists gave a report explaining the use of the NSRL technology as applied to voting systems.

Other involvement is noted on the NIST Software and Systems Division website.

The most recent special data set describing voting software files comprising multiple product versions from several vendors is available at
(The file format is described in Data Formats of the NSRL RDS.)

For information about voting activities at NIST, please use this contact. For technical information about the NSRL, please use this contact.